The human body has a narrow target temperature around 98 F.  Hot conditions and physical activity can easily push our temperature above this window.  This leads to physical discomfort, reduced performance, dehydration and even fatal heat stroke.  

While people have long been able to warm themselves up by adding layers, or even heated garments, we have yet to come up with an effective means for outdoor personal cooling.  

ThermoBionics is breaking that paradigm with a novel, proprietary, bio-inspired solution that dramatically cuts weight and increases cooling power over prior solutions.  

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Liner Delivering Active Cooling Effect

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We can achieve a 5-10 x reduction in equipment weight over competing technologies, including a dramatic reduction in battery weight.  


Cooling power to match human metabolic rates even in the hottest climates


Cooling that will work even under heavy protective layers such as bulletproof vests


Awards, Recognition and Partnerships


ThermoBionics was awarded a competitive National Science Foundation $225,000 Phase I SBIR award in 2019.  The NSF funds deep technology startups with the most creative and impactful ideas who are thinking beyond incremental developments across all markets and areas of science and engineering

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ThermoBionics won a Phase I prize in the Army's xTechSearch competition in 2019 which awards prizes to select businesses for innovative technologies and ideas that can solve Army challenges

ThermoBionics is a member of the 2018 MassChallenge Boston cohort.  We were selected from more than 1,600 applications from around the world.  Representing the top 8% of all applicants, these 128 early-stage startups have the potential to create widespread impact across industries

ThermoBionics is partnered with ANSYS in order to utilize its powerful Computational Fluid Dynamics software to accelerate development of our technology.  

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